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Written by , Thursday 22 June 2017 3:56

AUSTRALIA: BEFORE he left for work last Tuesday, Andrew Myama had already laid out a fresh uniform, ready for Wednesday’s shift. The night before the 35-year-old green thumb had brought home several statues that he planned to paint and place in the backyard of the Plympton home he shared with wife Caroline and eight-month-old daughter, Mia. But sadly, Myama never made it home on Ju Read more

Written by Tose Gava, Friday 19 May 2017 11:20

Burial Societies: The Collapse RisksBURIAL Societies are a phenomenon gripping the diaspora communities right now. This is galvanised by the reality on the ground. Over ten years ago it was rare to hear of diaspora death but now it’s a daily occurrence. Advancing age, overworking, bad eating habits, accidents are all factors worsening the diaspora mortality rates. A burial society is a form of not-for-profit friendly society or mutual scheme. Need Read more

Written by DFCP News - Lucia Dube, Wednesday 15 March 2017 12:08

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Written by Jeff Sango, Friday 3 March 2017 9:52

Diaspora challenges- power dynamics and negotiating space in families Read more

Written by Jeff Sango, Thursday 23 February 2017 5:39

THE conclusion sums it all. Be it a pastor preaching, an academic presenting a paper, the late Steve Jobs saying his last words on his death bed about the vanity of life, the conclusion sums it up. We could have been born in a poor family, struggled to attain education, got a good job or built a successful business, the end forms the last statement. As a people, we seem to have very short memories and, oftentimes, conveniently decide to remember the last thing. He was an academic Read more

Written by DFCP News, Tuesday 14 February 2017 13:59

Gillian Chikerema GoFundMe appeal ... MHSRIP. Please help: Read more

Written by , Tuesday 14 February 2017 13:53

Timothy Siduna appeal! MHSRIP! Please help! Gofundme page : statement: Timothy Siduna who was 39 years old, was the firstborn in a family of  5. Educated in Mpopoma High School Bulawayo Zimbabwe and Moulton College in Northampton UK, his mum and dad were missionaries. Read more

Written by, Wednesday 28 December 2016 17:42

PROMINENT UK-based media production expert Shadreck Rukweza has died. Rukweza was an experienced specialist in wedding, event and celebration video filming based in Birmingham, West Midlands. According to friends and relatives, Rukweza died of a suspected heart failure at his home in Birmingham. Born in 1975, the owner of Shaddy Media Production was a well-known person throughout the United Kingdom. “Tragic to hear about the death of Shadreck Rukweza& Read more

Written by , Thursday 1 December 2016 14:10

Diaspora challenges continue to populate community media space within the Zambian diaspora community. Unfortunately, some of the Zambian diaspora community leaders are failing to rise up to the challenge. They continue to see the calls for funding thro Read more

Written by , Thursday 17 November 2016 13:15

Diaspora student challenges With an economy in free fall and most schools failing to get enough resources from the Zimbabwean government, many parents ,both at home and in the diaspora have taken a new route to ensure a decent education their children. Zimbabwe now has a sizeable number of students in foreign universities. Read more