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Written by DFCP news, Friday 9 September 2016 8:35

The Diaspora Family- shifting centre of power A family provides the smallest unit to practice and test democratic systems. Like a state, the family normally has a head, who for the Zimbabwean culture, has always been taken to be the father. The power to generate resources, distribute them and to punish behaviour which seems to violate accepted standard family values used to be bestowed in the father. For this article, I am g Read more

Written by DFCP News, Thursday 1 September 2016 5:44

Faith Chirinda Appeal - MHSRIP! PLEASE HELP!Appeal message from Hampshire African Community Association reads: 'I come with sad news Ladies, we have a sad situation in Surrey/ Hampshire where we have lost one of our sisters Faith Chirinda who has left a 9 month old baby. She has been going through chemotherapy for Pancreatic cancer and sadly passed away on Sunday 21/08/16. She had a partner who has unfortunately been un Read more

Written by Jeff Sango, Tuesday 30 August 2016 7:11

All roads led to Sheffield for music lovers from the UK based Zambian community. Organised by Oasis of Hope Zambian charity, Ephraim sekeleti was the main performer.The gig was at Sheffield City Hall. The facility and staff were excellent and ,of course, Ephraim was an inspiration.He belted out several songs and ,on several occasions, invited the crowd to join both in song and dance. The crowd responded gracefully with one pastor displaying some foot dexterity which can only Read more

Written by Jeff Sango, Monday 8 August 2016 12:39

Bond Notes In May 2016, the government of Zimbabwe announced an intention to introduce bond notes o run parallel to the basket of currencies currently being used within the Zimbabwean economy. This has strained the relationship between citizens organisations and opposition parties on one side and the government and its sympathisers on the other. Four months after the announcement, resistance continues and protests against th Read more

Written by Tose Gava, Tuesday 2 August 2016 16:57

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Written by DFCP News, Wednesday 27 July 2016 10:55

IT is not so often that one writes such a letter without a definite plan on when and how to commit suicide. Yet at my advanced age, I feel there comes a time when one needs to face life with such bravery so as to accept the inevitable. I shall not live forever. I am moving slowly and carefully Read more

Written by ITV News , Wednesday 27 July 2016 10:32

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Written by Jeff Sango, Tuesday 26 July 2016 8:18

Funerals have become big and well celebrated events in Zimbabwe. A typical service will include provision of a coffin,food and transport service for mourners. The burden of mourning and begging is quickly lifted and relatives are left to have proper and dignified closure with their loved one. Our  provides cash within 24 hours of  submitting proof of death of a customer. One can then go on to buy all the services they want. They are not tied to one pro Read more

Written by Jeff Sango, Sunday 24 July 2016 6:54

It is a common phenomenon that whenever pockets of migrants settle in new areas within a host country, they start finding each other and morph into recognisable community groups. They recreate home by starting their own type of village model with clear hierarchical structures and observance of cultural events. Read more

Written by DFCP News | BBC, Friday 22 July 2016 11:36

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